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Leon County Schools

The Bus Maintenance and Repair Facility is a major repair garage used to service and maintain school buses fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG). This facility consists of a 22-bay service garage with additional office spaces, parts storage space, toilet spaces with showers and lockers, laundry space, a conference training room, a battery charging room, workshop area, and other user spaces.


The project included a fire protection wet-pipe system for the entire facility. A fire detection and alarm system, gas detection and alarm system, and gas exhaust ventilation system were also provided for the complete service garage. An innovative control scheme maintains the required ventilation rates at all times with the means to increase exhaust adequately when gas is detected inside the facility.


The project also included high performance gas-fired radiant heating units, gas-fired outside air heating units, domestic plumbing design for multiple toilet spaces, and HVAC systems for user spaces.


The project also included the installation of a stand-by generator and emergency distribution system, a lightning protection system, interior lighting design, LED exterior perimeter lighting, energy saving lighting controls for interior and exterior lighting, and power provisions for vehicle lifts and miscellaneous shop equipment. As part of the project design, an electrical system analysis was completed by performing a fault current study, a protective device coordination study, and an arc flash study. 



NoPetro CNG Station
Bus Maintenance Break Room
Bus Mx Site
NoPetro CNG Station
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