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Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

The project objectives for Conner Building HVAC Renovations for Division of Plant Industries are to improve operating performance and reliability of the mechanical systems. Project scope includes replacing two water cooled chillers, chilled water pumps, cooling tower and associated equipment. Also included is a reconfiguration of the plant chilled water piping to improve access and removal of entrained air. The project will replace multiple constant-volume fan coils and multi-zone air handlers. Direct Digital Control (DDC) system will be specified for all new equipment installed.


The design solution includes new high-efficiency air-cooled chillers, new pumps with premium-efficiency motors, and reconfiguration of the plant equipment to optimize floor space and improve access. McGinniss & Fleming redesigned the piping within the plant to enhance air removal and accommodate the new equipment layout. The existing plant piping was demolished in strategic locations to allow reconnection and reconfiguration of existing piping to remain. The new air handlers serving Library, Auditorium, Specimen Museum and Apiary Section provide both temperature and relative humidity control.


The new high-efficiency equipment and DDC system upgrades provide long-term savings by lowering annual operating costs while simultaneously improving system reliability and maintainability. In addition, the project will provide significant improvements to both occupant comfort and indoor air quality. The plant piping modifications will improve pump performance, maintenance/access, and reliability. The building remained occupied with no disruption to tenants while work was executed.

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