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5kV Switchgear Replacement

Department of Corrections

This project consisted of replacing an existing 4,160V switchgear for the Department of Corrections. The new switchgear includes dual mains from the utility, dual generator mains, and automatic controls for auto fail over to generator power during a utility outage. The switchgear uses modern protection relays and includes arc flash protection using fiber optic light sensing cable. The switchgear uses a station DC battery for controls and operation. The switchgear is housed indoors in a conditioned powerhouse enclosure. The project included replacement of multiple underground feeders and included overhead electric scope to rework the incoming and outgoing risers.

Due to the type of facility, unexpected outages were not tolerated. The project was designed and phased to allow for minimal downtime while replacing the primary switchgear that serves the facility.

NoPetro CNG Station
Bus Maintenance Break Room
Switchgear Slab Prep
Bus Mx Site
Powerhouse Enclosure
NoPetro CNG Station
New Switchgear
Existing Switchgear
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