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Leon County Schools

McGinniss & Fleming Engineering performed the mechanical and electrical engineering and design for an administration and classroom building. The building design was particularly challenging as the new construction was programmed within a very confined area located in the center of campus. Two existing classroom buildings were demolished to prepare the site for the new building.


Since construction would take over a year and operations could not be interrupted, several utilities had to be relocated or temporaries created in order to accomplish the project. Our firm devised a way to relocate the central chiller and reconfigure the chilled water distribution such that the demolition could be accomplished without interrupting the school year. Similarly, central fire alarm, telecommunications and networking, and intercommunication systems were also relocated or duplicated without interruption.


The new administration building is independent of the campus chilled water system and features very advanced and energy efficient DX cooling and natural gas heating. Energy efficient lighting and building wide lighting controls help to make this facility one of the District’s lowest energy consumers.

Griffin Middle School
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