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Department of Management Services
Holland Building - Tallahassee
Arc Flash Label

Our ability to provide engineering and design services for complex electrical related projects is illustrated by the Holland Building Electrical Renovation. The Holland building was originally built in 1947 and is conveniently located across the street from the State Capital Complex. This project included the replacement of the complete electrical distribution system within the building, some of which was original to the building construction. The project was designed and phased such that complete power was maintained during normal working hours.


The project consisted of removing a 15kV:5kV oil-filled pad-mount transformer, 5kV building service, 5kV switchgear, indoor dry-type 5kV:208V transformer, multiple 5kV:208V oil-filled pad-mount transformers, 208V/3-phase switchboard, building panelboards and all associated distribution feeders. The building received a new 15kV:480V pad-mount transformer, 480V 3-phase service, 1600A main breaker enclosure, 1600A switchboard, building-wide panelboards, and associated distribution feeder circuits. To accommodate the new electrical equipment, electrical closets were constructed throughout the building to provide dedicated and secure electrical space.


As part of the project, a fault current study, selective coordination study, and arc flash study were completed for the new system and equipment labels applied accordingly.

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