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Responding to the wide variety of needs, we have developed a diverse portfolio of experience. The following few projects have been selected to describe the nature and extent of our work and capabilities.

5kV Switchgear Replacement

Department of Corrections

Replacement of a 4,160V Switchgear with new Metal-clad Gear with draw-out circuit breakers and modern protective relays to control and sequence dual utility mains, dual generator mains, and six outgoing feeders. Project was designed and phased to allow for minimal downtime throughout construction.

Bus Maintenance and Repair Facility

Leon County Schools

The Bus Maintenance and Repair Facility is a major repair garage used to service and maintain school buses fueled by compressed natural gas (CNG). This facility consists of a 22-bay service garage with many additional user spaces.

Alumni Center

Florida State University

A new facility for Alumni Association operations, located on the Florida State University Campus. The facility features office space, large and small conference spaces, and a grand ball room with A/V and sound reinforcement systems.

Sandels Building, Pathogenic Microbiology Lab Renovation

Florida State University

The Pathogenic Microbiology Laboratory is a research lab designed to handle biological materials, including Escherichia coli (E. coli) and Salmonella. There were many design challenges as a result of the materials to be used within the lab.

Rickards High School Central Plant

Leon County Schools

This project consisted of a new central CHW and HHW plant and energy center for Rickards high school. This project replaces several remote air-cooled chillers with new air-cooled, multi-compressor chillers for greater cooling effectiveness and efficiency.

CNG Fueling Station


This compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station located in Tallahassee, Florida provides a cleaner and more cost effective alternative fueling method than standard petroleum based fuels.

Holland Building

Department of Management Services

Our ability to provide engineering and design services for complex electrical related projects is illustrated by the Holland Building Electrical Renovation. The project was designed and phased such that complete power was maintained during normal hours.

Sealey Elementary School

Leon County Schools

The design objectives for this project were to replace antiquated constant-volume fan coil units located above corridor ceilings, outside air ductwork, sectional cast iron boiler and pumps, and update DDC controls. 

Conner Building Labs

Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

The objectives for this project were to improve operating performance and reliability of the mechanical systems. Project scope includes replacing two water cooled chillers, chilled water pumps, cooling tower and associated equipment.

Griffin Middle School Administration and Laboratory Building

Leon County Schools

MFE performed the mechanical and electrical engineering and design for the Griffin administration and classroom building. The building design was particularly challenging as the new construction was programmed within a very confined area.

Lincoln High School Cafeteria

Leon County Schools

This project consisted of a new cafeteria building, kitchen, and Culinary Arts teaching kitchen. The facility was designed with emphasis on de-emphasizing the institutional feeling and offering students a dining experience similar to "dining out".

Woodville Elementary School Cafetorium

Leon County Schools

This project consisted of a new 4000 sq. ft. cafeteria and auditorium (cafetorium) building with 2800 sq. ft. full service kitchen for Woodville Elementary School.


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