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Leon County Schools
Boiler Plant
Rickards High School
Chiller Plant

This project consists of a new central CHW and HHW plant, distribution, and energy center for Rickards High School. This project replaces several remote air-cooled chillers with new air-cooled, multi-compressor chillers for greater cooling effectiveness and less energy consumption. The scope of the project also included the replacement of several remote boilers with redundant modular boilers fueled by natural gas. These are expected to reduce energy consumption.


A systematic upgrade and expansion of the campus will necessitate planning and upgrading of central heating and cooling systems. Our responsibilities included the design and specification of the chillers, boilers and boiler controls, variable rate water pumping design, campus wide hydronic water distribution and contract administration.


Our responsibilities also included design and specification of a new pad mounted transformer, switch arrangement, and new 2500 amp service to the plant building.


McGinniss & Fleming Engineering performed all engineering design and specification of the mechanical and electrical equipment and systems.


McGinniss & Fleming has demonstrated the ability to provide effective and energy efficient HVAC design solutions that will reduce energy consumption, maintenance costs, and centralize equipment and controls for more satisfactory campus utility performance.

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