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Leon County Schools
Sealey Elementary School

The design objectives for this project were to replace antiquated constant-volume fan coil units located above corridor ceilings, outside air ductwork, sectional cast iron boiler and pumps, and update DDC controls. 


Solutions:  New double-walled variable-air-volume air handlers with electrically commutated motors (ECM) were installed above the corridor ceilings. There was no space or areas within the buildings to carve out new mechanical rooms so the units had to be located as originally designed.  The ECM motors provide variable fan speed to provide true variable-air-volume functionality without utilizing space consuming variable-frequency drives. Thus the units provide both space temperature and relative humidity control.  In addition, new outside air fans with electric operated dampers were installed to ensure proper ventilation rates are being provided to improve indoor air quality. On the heating side, two new smaller high-efficiency boilers, pumps, piping and controls were installed.


Overall the project provided new and current HVAC equipment, improved indoor air quality, controllability, operating efficiency, and reliability. This project demonstrates our qualifications for successfully engineering for indoor air quality and energy performance. 

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