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Below is an abbreviated list of a few additional projects that we have been a part of. Please contact us if you would like additional information about any of these projects. 

New Construction Projects

  • Wakulla Bank in Crawfordville

  • Sonny's in Tallahassee (multiple locations)

  • Tallahassee Eye Care & SE Plastic Surgery, Tallahassee

  • Leon County Schools, Lincoln High School, NJROTC Building

  • Leon County Schools, Fort Braden School, Classroom Building

  • Leon County Schools, Woodville Elementary School, Cafeteria

  • Florida Dept. of Transportation, I-95 S. Bound Ag. Inspection Station


Full MEP Renovation Projects

  • FSU, Human Resources Training Center

  • FSU, Keen Building, 7th Floor Renovation

  • FSU, Tully Gym, Sand Volleyball Locker Rooms

  • DHSMV, Neil Kirkman Building, Tax Collector's Office

  • DHSMV, Neil Kirkman Building, Front Lobby

  • DHSMV, Credit Union Building

Mechanical Projects

  • Leon County Schools, Leon High School, HVAC renovation

  • Leon County Schools, Lincoln High School, HVAC renovation

  • Tallahassee City Hall, 3 - 150 ton cooling towers, boiler replacement

  • Tallahassee Regional Airport, 2 - 375 ton chillers, 8M Btuh boiler plant

  • Leon County Schools, Astoria Park Elementary School, HVAC renovation

  • Leon County Schools, Lincoln High School, 1000 ton chiller plant, 8M Btuh boiler plant

  • Quincy Farms, Central Plant, 2 - 600 ton water-cooled chillers, 3 - 800 ton cooling towers

  • Florida Department of Management Services, State Capital Complex, 8M Btuh boiler plant

  • Florida Dept. of Agriculture, Conner Lab Complex, 1800 ton chiller plant, 10M Btuh boiler plant


Plumbing Improvement Projects

  • Tallahassee Regional Airport, Toilet Rooms Renovation

  • Governors Square Mall, Food Court, Toilet Rooms Renovation

  • Dept. of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, Neil Kirkman Building, Toilet Rooms Renovation


Fire Sprinkler Projects

  • Carlton Building, Fire Sprinkler System

  • Tallahassee City Hall, Fire Sprinkler System

  • Tallahassee Police Station, Fire Sprinkler System

  • Leon County, Records Warehouse, Fire Sprinkler System

  • Turlington Building Parking Deck, Fire Sprinkler System Replacement


Fire Alarm Projects

  • FSU, Tully Gym, Fire Alarm System Replacement

  • City of Tallahassee, City Hall, Fire Alarm System Replacement

  • FSU, Nuclear Research Building, Fire Alarm System Replacement

  • Madison County, Madison Memorial Hospital, Fire Alarm System Replacement

  • Gadsden County, Gadsden Community Hospital, Fire Alarm System Replacement

  • Florida Dept. of Juvenile Justice, Dozier Detention Facitliy, Fire Alarm System Replacement


Electrical Projects

  • SSRC, Standby Generators 1,350kW

  • FSU, NHMFL, Standby Generator Installation

  • DFS, Fletcher Building, 15kV Switch Replacement

  • DMS, CCOC Metalclad Switchgear Relocation, 15kV

  • City of Tallahassee, Truesdell Pool, Lighting Improvements

  • Leon County, Leon County Courthouse, Plaza Level Lighting

  • DMS, Pepper Building, Atrium Lighting Upgrades with Controls

  • Tallahassee Regional Airport, Emergency Generator Installation

  • FSU, Donald L. Tucker Civic Center, Scoreboard Enhancements

  • City of Tallahassee, 800MHz Primesite, Emergency Generator Installation

  • DMS, Larson Building, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Switchgear Replacement

  • DHSMV, Neil Kirkman Building, Emergency Distribution and Switchboard Replacement

  • DMS, Capital Tower - 21st Floor, Medium Voltage and Low Voltage Switchgear Replacement

  • Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Bay Detention Facility, Emergency Generator Installation

  • DEP, Multiple Buildings, Security and Access Control System

  • DEP, Lab Building, Fire Alarm System

  • FSU, Coastal and Marine Lab, Lightning Protection System

  • FSU, Donald L. Tucker Civic Center, Marquee Signs

  • FSU, North Florida Regional Data Center, Fire Alarm System



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